Tailored Thrift

One of the things I miss most about pre-covid is thrift shopping. My favorite Saturdays were spent trekking downtown armed with a podcast and a coffee to brave the world of thrift & vintage. I could spend hours perusing at Awoke, L Train or Beacons--only to be interrupted by the urge to pee and nausea from ignoring my growling stomach. I'd get home and send images of my haul to friends and my mom--buzzing with the excitement of Monday's-outfit-to-be! 

For the first few months of quarantine, I really didn't miss shopping-I had no where to go, and no one to impress. Unfortunately, the return of Sex and the City and the phrase "good summer" hit the news at the same time. Instantly, I felt I had nothing to wear (despite the fact I still don't have anywhere to go or anyone to impress). So I treated myself to some online thrifting--and I found some (new-to-me) treasures. Not only was I impressed with the quality of clothing, but the curation as well. Find my favorites below!

1. Wayward Collection, $$-$$$

Vintage items (range from 1930's to 1970's). Not a huge selection, but well edited and excellent condition. One-of-a-kind accessories mixed in with tailored sets and gauzy sundresses. US orders ship free! Although they carry XS-XL, the majority of the styles are XS-M.  Almost everything is shot on model.

2. Moon Avenue, $$

Great mix of casual and work attire. Lots of cozy sweaters and soft sweatshirts. Variety of sizes, but I didn't see anything over a large. Everything is shot on model with excellent descriptions. Free domestic shipping over $40. 

 3. Arsenic Kitty, $$$

Arsenic Kitty is incredible. They are slightly more expensive than similar vintage, but the selection is wonderful. Slouchy sweaters and tailored pants, crochet tanks and western style button-ups, they truly have something for everyone. All styles are shot on model. Range of sizes, but most are small-medium. Free shipping over $35. You'll want to follow them on insta for outfit inspo. 

4. Nona Clothing, $-$$

Similar to a traditional thrift store (like Buffalo Exchange), Nona Clothing has a mix of everything. They carry both men's and women's clothing with a wide range of boyfriend jeans and bomber jackets. Great for streetwear. They have a lot to look through--so it's a bit of an endeavor.  Also, they are based out of Romania, so beware of shipping costs (they do bundle shipping for more than one item though).

5. Flying Apple Vintage, $$

Flying Apple is a thrifters dream. They carry both true vintage (1940s-1990's) and traditional thrift. Lots of graphic tees and denim, mixed in with blazers and lace dresses. It takes a bit of digging-they carry over 3000 styles online, but they have some really cool, unique pieces. Almost everything is shot on model, with close-up shots of materials, accents, patterns. Free shipping if you order 3 items. Range of sizes, mostly small-medium.


6. Tigon Vintage, $$$

Tigon has a beautiful collection of vintage styles. Lots of colorful dresses, tailored tops and cozy coats. They carry the clothes you want to find in your closet. One of the more expensive shops on our list-but definitely one to check out (even just for inspiration!) All items are shot on model. Their sizing is mixed, but the majority of styles are small and medium. Also keep in mind, they are based in France, so shipping can be quite steep. 

7. Shop Persephone, $$$

Very similar to Tigon-these are clothes you wish you owned! Everything from chunky knits to lace bustiers. Mix of bright patterns and soft colors. Persephone can definitely be pricey, they carry lots of designer vintage. Selection is small and well curated. All styles shot on model. Sizes range from XS-L. 

8. Morning Glorious, $$

Based out of Vermont (my home state 🌻), Morning Glorious has a mix of retro and modern styles. They carry everything from soft sweaters to bright button-downs. Morning Glorious has a wide range of sizes, the majority of which are medium to large. Everything is shot on model accompanied with thorough descriptions of fit and style. Many items ship free!


9. Vaux Shop$$

Similar to Wayward Vintage. Small collection, but great, unique pieces. Sizes range from XS-L, all shot on model.  They also carry some adorable home accessories. Mix of casual and work-wear. 

10. Shop Exile, $-$$

I saved the best for last. I love the selection at Shop Exile. Based in LA, they carry thousands of items online. Their thrift ranges from 1950's-1990's. Everything is shot on model and sized range from XS-L. Their pieces are moderately priced, and vary in style. They carry everything from summer streetwear to fitted leather jackets. Additional items ship free. 


A few more I liked:

Lucia Zolea ($$-$$$): Lots of vintage sweaters, blouses and dresses with beautiful jewelry mixed in. Majority of styles are small. Nearly everything is shot on model.

Global Thrifter CA ($-$$): Small selection of cute sweaters, tees and denim. Most styles are medium-large. Almost all items are shot on model. 

Closet Case Vintage ($$-$$$): Closet Case (based out of Nashvillle) carries over a thousand items online. Great mix of sizes, almost everything is shot on model. Great for summery dresses and cute tops!

Jewels4Pandas ($$-$$$): True vintage (1920's-1990's). Large selection. Everything is shot on model. Lots of soft summer dresses, bright prints, structured jackets and beaded gowns.

3rd House Mars ($): Only a few styles, all of which I love.

Lost Boys Vintage ($): Tons of vintage graphic tees and sports sweatshirts. Mens sizing, but most styles are unisex.

Twrecks Vintage ($-$$): Super cute collection. True vintage-she organizes her shop by mini collections. Bold, bright sweaters and lots of prints. Shot on model, with styling ideas, Range of sizes, XS-XL. Really fun to look through. 

Bumblebee Buck Vintage ($$): Very unique vintage shop. Super minimalist, clean pieces. Cute sets. Sizes range, S-L. Shot on mannequin, so make sure to pay attention to the descriptions and sizing!