craft-and-burn: just craft

Welcome to the craft faction of craft & burn ✩ 

In art school we used to grab a group of friends, some flower and some beer and throw a 'craft party'. We never had exactly the right materials, but people got really into it--making it their own, modifying the idea with the materials (and skills) available. I was always struck by everyone's ingenuity--the stuff we made was the shit. And we had the best time doing it (well, until we had to bust out the Goo Gone).

craft & burn written in magazine cutout letters on handmade journal, DIY, Craft blog

craft and burn: just craft is our virtual craft party. We are here to provide simple tutorials that are easy to modify based on your materials, aesthetic and skill level. We want you to consider craft and burn a jumping-off point and improvise from there!

It's time to get crafty babe.