CRAFT & BURN: Let's Get Baked

I have always been a project person. I've gone through phases (embroidery, Perler beads, jewelry) but I'm always working on something. When I started Burner Babe, I had no idea just how big of a project it would be. Not only am I constantly creating for content, but somehow even my side projects become Babe-ified

Oven-baked clay was no different. I bought the colorful squares imagining myself making marbled beads or 90's inspired clay rings. Two hours later I had 10 of the cutest little J holders and a few tamping sticks. The J holders were so easy to make-and they look so adorable I wanted to share how I made them!


You can mix colors or use solid-colored shapes for a color-blocked aesthetic.The leftover sphere should be at least 1/4 inch diameter. 

Oven-baked clay is sticky-so you don't have to press down *too* hard. You really just want your stack to be stuck. Most oven-baked clay is baked at 275°F.

If you want them to shine (like a glaze) paint them with Mod Podge.


See some of our designs below!