Craft Dodger

I live in an incredibly small studio in NYC. Living in a studio means that your bedroom is technically also your kitchen, living room and closet. You don't have a kitchen table, a craft table or a card table, you just have THE table.

You can kiss any kind of craft space goodbye. For the first year in my studio, I hardly touched my art supplies.

Last year though, I decided to make a change. I knew my materials needed to be easy to find, and even easier to put away. See my favorite craft-containment below! 


One of the biggest space savers for me was the discovery of cigar boxes. They come in all sizes and you can buy a bulk set on Amazon. I'm always a fan of reusable supplies-especially ones that help me stay organized.

I use the boxes to hold threads and ribbons, markers, colored pencils and decorations. The latch-fronts mean they stay closed, and the shapes makes them perfect for stacking. I love all of the colors they come in too. 



I store the supplies I use most often (scissors, markers, ruler, pencils etc) in vases. Not only does the open top make the supplies easy to grab, but they look pretty too.



Having a catch-all can be tricky. They often get crowded with oddities and an endless supply of paperclips, clothespins and thumbtacks. I recommend one that has separate compartments-each dedicated to a "type of material". For example, my catch-all has separate spaces for tapes, glues, cutting tools, markers, sewing and beading tools, and cord. I leave my catch-all on the table, since it's contained (and pretty well maintained). 



I find beads to be the worst to organize. I've worked in several jewelry offices, and literally no one has it figured out. For the bulk of my beads, I use these beading trays. For the odds and ends (such as earwires, jumprings, crimp beads etc), I love small pill boxes. I like them because they are see-through and spill proof. The separate compartments can be a pain to organize into, but they make all the difference when you're working on a project.  


I think one of my favorite parts about organizing my supplies is rethinking how to use containers I already have. My favorite craft organizer has been this artillery belt. I got it at a Goodwill years ago, and its been hanging in my closet ever since. When I was organizing, I realized that it fits my markers perfectly. I love being able to see all of the colors.