different smokes for different folks

Decisions, Decisions

We believe in astrology. We believe in avoiding cracks in the sidewalk. We believe the customer is almost always right. We don't believe in MLM schemes. We believe in education and making educated decisions...

such as picking the right kind of rolling paper! When we began to sample our designs, we fell in love with different types of papers. We went back and forth on whether to produce rice or wood pulp--until we settled on our all-time favorite option: let's do both. Different burns for different babes.

If your a beginner roller, try:

Wood-Pulp Papers

Our Fleur rolling papers are produced with wood pulp. The wood pulp is bleached, which makes our flower petals pop and creates a slower burn so you can savor your smoke session for a little longer. Even as someone who has been rolling for years, We really like the thickness of these papers-they allow you to truly control the size of your joint/spliff/cig. The ash from these papers rarely falls (ash pants anyone?) so you can get that Sixteen Candles long-ash of your dreams! Perfect for beginners, or experienced rollers who are fans of florals!


If you're an all natural babe, try:

Rice Papers

Most of our papers are made from pressed rice. Our rice papers are much thinner, and have a slightly ricey taste to them--so you know they're legit. Due to the delicacy of the papers, these require some steady, dry hands to roll with. Even though rice papers are thinner, we found these have a super steady burn.

Plus, we love how the bold colors make these easy to find--both in our bags and on our often-cluttered coffee table.


Burn, baby, burn ☆ ☆ 

You may come across other types of papers in the market (hemp, cellulose), as well as novelty papers like 24K gold! We love seeing the expanding market, and we can't wait to offer a wider selection of prints and papers in the future :)

All of our papers are vegan and printed with natural inks so you get a bright & beautiful burn each time, no matter which paper you prefer!