Let's Get High and Laugh, Babe

The Comedians Getting Us Through Quarantine

Combining comedy with a good smoke session has been a balm to the soul during these last few months. After all, laughter is up there with the best medicines, right? 

Before we started spending all of our time indoors, going to comedy shows became one of our favorite ways to go out in New York. Some of our best nights were spent in a crowd with a handful of people in the back of a Brooklyn bar.

Whether it was a traditional stand-up set, a variety show, or a live podcast recording, being in the audience is a connective experience, one we literally cannot wait to get back to.

So, we wanted to spotlight some of our favorite comedians! Some people on this list are super established (and you can have fun watching their specials on the major streaming platforms) but we wanted to shout out some of the people who light up our Instagram & Twitter feeds too.

Naomi Epkerigan @Blacktress 

We first fell in love with Naomi’s comedy on an episode of one of our favorite podcasts, Throwing Shade (it's episode #331 for anyone interested!). Her standup is pure gold, and she’s got an awesome comedy podcast called Couples Therapy that drops weekly.

Nicole Byer @NicoleByer

Nicole’s standup is incredible, carefree, and laugh-so-hard-you-cry funny. Her laugh is infectious. She hosts so many podcasts that it's hard to keep up (we highly recommended Best Friends and Why Won’t You Date Me!).  Her Instagram is a place of pure joy--and her pole dancing videos are awesome!

Meg Statler @MegStalter

We fell in love with Meg in under 60 seconds. Her set at an I Don’t Think So Honey Las Culturistas live show (episode I Don’t Think So Honey! 14) was perfectly shocking, and we've never looked back.

Her humor is truly so out there, she never fails to surprise, and she’s fearless on stage. Her Instagram comedy has gotten so much attention in the last few months, and it’s no secret as to why! Her voice is so singular and there's no way to capture her comedy without seeing it for yourself!

Ayo Edebiri @AyoEdebiri

We’ve been lucky enough to see Ayo live twice this last year, and can’t wait for the opportunity to see her again. In the meantime, her twitter remains excellent and her podcast Iconography is a great listen.

While Ayo may have not had the best experience the first time she got high, we would be down to smoke her out any day. This time, without the paramedics getting involved.

Jaboukie Young-White @jaboukie

If you don’t follow Jaboukie on twitter, are you really even on twitter?

While he’s a wunderkind and doesn’t need us to sing his praises, he’s so funny we just have to. His bit on frat boy feminism is...transcendent is the only word for it.

Aisling Bea @WeeMissBea

British quiz shows have been some of our favorite shows to watch during quarantine, and Aisling was always a standout on them, which led us to her stand-up!

Her episodes on the How Did This Get Made podcast are true highlights too. Both Vampire Academy (episode#145) and The Lake House (episode #160) are totally worth your time.

Joel Kim Booster @ihatejoelkim

Last, but absolutely not least, we've been lucky enough to see Joel live, and why yes, we did text each other the first time he was on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me with a text that contained quite a few exclamation points.

His stand-up is so spot on we can't recommend it enough. And if you're looking for more Joel, check out his podcast Urgent Care with Mitra Johari. Or, for those of us that need media about 2008 MTV reality shows, head over to Patreon for Matt, Joel, and The Next Elle Woods. It's a minimum $5 donation for the season, which directly goes to LA's Eviction Defense Network. Comedy and a good cause? Sign us up.

More? More.

We don't want to fully overwhelm you with choice, but we also can't stop ourselves from recommending more comedians. There's so much stand-up out there to discover, and stumbling upon a comedian who just gets you feels like a mini-miracle sometimes. So keep up the search, and check out some of these names too!

Aparna NancherlaGabe Liedman, Bowen Yang, Rhea Butcher, Sonia Denis, Emily Heller, Michelle Buteau, Rae SanniMarcella Arguello, Guy Branum, Solomon GeorgioDaniel SlossAli Wong, and Pat Regan!