Let's Get Lit

There are several reasons why I love using a Zippo lighter:

(1) There's nothing more annoying than rolling up a spliff, just to realize your Bic ran out and you have to make a trip down to the bodega.

(2) Because it's reusable, you aren't constantly throwing out a disposable lighter so it's way better for the environment (One Billion lighters are thrown out each year).

(3) Zippos are a great accessory-they come in so many great textures and colors. They've also been around since the 1930's so you can find vintage Zippos on Etsy.

I got my first Zippo for my birthday a few years ago and I was super bummed when it stopped working. Zippos have a lifetime warranty, so I knew I could get a new one if it was defective, but I wanted to see if it something I could fix myself first. As it turned out, my lighter was out of flint. A friend of mine showed me how to replace it, so I thought I'd pass along the knowledge in a little tutorial! 

Yes, I say "um" a lot :)

Here's the link for the Zippo wick and flint from Amazon. You can get your Zippo lighter fluid on Amazon as well.


Burn, Baby, Burn!