Oil Pulling, For Your Face

All Glowed Up, And Nowhere To Go

Recently, the amount of time on my hands (and the lack of sun on my skin) has pushed me to perfect my skincare routine. 

The following is not a series of product recommendations, but rather, routine upgrades.

There are a ton of non-professionals who have skincare recommendations, but when it comes to the science of skincare, I will always trust the experts. Both of these routine recommendations come from licensed esthetician (and one of the best people to follow on Twitter), Nayamka Roberts-Smith (@LaBeautyologist).

By combining oil pulling with her 60-second cleansing rule (a very quick explanation: wash your face with your cleanser for a full 60 seconds to give those ingredients time to work.) I’ve been able to improve the texture of my skin and gain some glow, without having to purchase new products--no matter how tempting that $80 vitamin-c serum might be.

All You Need Is...Oil

You can use cleansing balms, oil cleansers, or straight up carrier oils like almond, grapeseed, or jojoba. Depending on your skin type, some products may work better than others, so keep your sensitivities in mind. I use The Ordinary's Rose Hip Seed Oil because I don't use any fragrance in my skincare routine and the price is right. 

I try to pull at least three times a week, and I always feel better afterward. Skincare is now being sold to us as self-care, and while I sort of resent the blatant marketing tactic, there is something to be said about spending 3-15 minutes zoning out and rubbing oil all over my face. It can be a form of meditation for me, a slice out of my day that's just for me (and my skin).

Let The Professional's Take It From Here

For the full breakdown on oil cleansing, check out Nayamka’s video on it below!