about us




Hey Babe,

Welcome to our shop! Burner Babe is woman-owned and operated, based out of NYC. We aren’t hippies or burnouts and we happily left our “stash” in high school. We make beautiful papers designed to make every session a little more special.

To us, being a babe is all about having confidence in who you are. Taking a stand against injustice? You’re a babe. Matching your mask to your outfit? Yep! Telling someone how you feel? Total babe. Admitting you don’t know something? Babe. Taking the action to learn? Absolute Babe! Bringing your own papers to the party? Well that makes you a Burner Babe. ♥

We are starting with just a few styles, with the intent of expanding into more patterns, colors, paper types and accessories. 


Burn Baby Burn,


sending you clouds ♥