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DIY Papers

DIY Papers

Before Burner Babe, papers were boring. So we decided to design our own packaging, and now you can too! The DIY Papers are the perfect gift for your best bud 💕

The set arrives with a blank booklet with papers already inside as well as your choice of markers.

Step 1: Select the pattern for your papers (your papers will arrive already inside the packaging)

Step 2: Select the set of colors you want to design with (if you have your own markers/crystals/puff paint, just select "none")

Step 3: Wait by the mailbox

Step 4: Design, doodle, decorate your booklet

Step 5: Send us a pic!*

*obviously, this is optional, but we really do want to see them!!

  • 100% Arabic gum strip
  • Vegan
  • 75mm leaves (1 1/4 size)  / 32 burns per book
  • 1 booklet
  • Color and pattern of papers may vary slightly due to printing process
  • Not flavored 
  • Markers are generic permanent markers comparable to Sharpie®, ink is quick drying-but I did find they "pool" if you move slowly.


We ship all of our styles in pouches with tissue paper wrapping. If you'd prefer recycled packaging, please leave a note at checkout.

Paper Pattern