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how to roll a joint

how to roll a joint

Nothing for sale, just a reefer-ence page 🫶



  1. select your papers
  2. make a crease/fold in the middle of the paper (lengthwise)
  3. place your filter on the left end, cradled in the crease you made
  4. add flower into the crease
  5. pack your flower so it sits in a log shape to the right of your filter, make sure to pack tighter towards the end with the filter for a smoother smoke
  6. pinch the "log" of weed between your pointer fingers and thumbs
  7. roll upwards- towards the top of the papers - by pushing your thumbs up and moving your pointer fingers out of the way
  8. lick the gum strip
  9. secure the gum to the length of the joint
  10. light up, enjoy ✨
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