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The Holiday Crackers

The Holiday Crackers

Get your craic on with The Holiday Crackers*!

The perfect gift to bring to the sesh, every THC** set comes with 4 crackers. Each cracker comes with a booklet of papers, a little gift, a babe sticker, and a joke. Each one in the set of four will be unique!

The Holiday Crackers come in two patterns: The Snowflake and The Floral. The edges of each cracker are cinched with colorful cotton cords. These crackers are handmade in Brooklyn.

Packaged in a pink scalloped-edge box with a clear window, the crackers arrive cushioned in a bed of shredded paper ☃️


*These crackers work the same way as typical holiday crackers but they do not have the gunpowder strip that crackers usually have. The shipping guidelines around products with gunpowder are complicated and we figured we'd err on the side of caution!

**The Holiday Crackers do not actually contain any THC.


  • Each set comes with 4 crackers
  • Handmade in Brooklyn
  • The additional gifts may include: pins, patches, keychains, cones
  • Crackers measure 2 x 7.5 inches / Box measures 8 x 8 x 2.5 inches


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